PRIORI Advanced AHA Skin Renewal Cream

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This gentle, lightweight cream is suitable for all skin types, but is especially beneficial to mature-age or sun-damaged skin. Featuring the latest in AHA technology - Priori’s patented LCA Complex™ Skin Renewal Cream - it provides superior anti-ageing benefits to any complexion in need of rejuvenation and renewal. The cream’s key ingredient is LCA Complex™, a potent antioxidant cocktail of vitamins A, C and E, Pro-Vitamin A (beta carotene), and the powerful AHA, Lactic Acid - a powerful skin resurfacer with a superior ability to moisturise the skin, both of which are vital elements of effective skin rejuvenation. The result? Skin Renewal Cream transforms dull, tired and ageing skin, delivering a radiant complexion which is clean, soft, soothed and rejuvenated, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin Renewal Cream is suitable for all skins and it can be used once or twice a day. It is also non-comedogenic, oil free, fragrance free, dermatologist tested, and allergy tested.